locurativo projects

El Polvo, La Union, El Salvador

The community of El Polvo consists of approximately 75 homes whose inhabitants are largely supported by their families in the United States.  Lack of water and jobs are major issues that the community is faced with. This space belongs to the family of Oscar Cornejo and continues to be an active community space as LACAP.

Summer 2005 Participating Artists: Lea Cetera, Andy Cook, Oscar Cornejo, Sandra Cornejo, Matt Dunn, Catherine Burke, Haisi Hu, Tania Jimenez , Grace Kim, Jenny Knight, Lisa Lawley, Amber Marsch, Zoe McCloskey, Cathy Mooses, Ryan Oakes, Trevor Oakes, Pamela Parker, Sonia Rodriguez, Marcus Romero, Kendra Sullivan Sponsors: Peter Nadin, Okamoto Family, Burkhardt Foundation Prize, Lisa Lawley

Summer 2006 Participating Artists: Jalon Begay, Summer Brennen, Oscar Conejo, Alex Campaz, Alfredo Garcia, Caitlin Gianniny, Amber Marsch, Cathy Mooses, Janeva Zentz



Acting as the Latin America Community Art Project we were able to transform a semi-abandoned space to house artists over a two month period during the summers of 2005 and 2006. Building off of our experiences in Mexico we were able to execute structured projects and host larger groups of artists. We adapted to the specific issues of our host community and were interested in learning its specific traditions and customs. A textile collective was started, silk-screen facilities were set up, a small dark room was installed and workshops in pin-hole photography, woodblock printmaking, puppetry, arts and crafts were offered by visiting artists. Artists were also able to develop photography projects; documenting the art of local buses and political graffiti, woodblock prints were made, and a puppetry production of the Salvadoran folk-tale of La Siguanaba which was later performed both in El Salvador and in New York City.