locurativo projects

Havana, Cuba

The Casera Era (the Home-made Era), the title for a collective installation at the main site for 10th Havana Biennial, represented LoCurativo and related artist-run projects. The four artists lived at the site in the fortress San Carlos de la Cabaña in participation with la Brigada de Martha Machado in cuban military tents.

Co-curated by Cathy Mooses and Natsuko Uchino

Spring 2009 participating artists: Caitlin Gianniny, Cathy Mooses, Jenn Su, Martyna Szczesna

Art spaces and colaboratives: LoCurativo, New York City - El Intercambio Universal, New York City - Manimal, New York City - Art and Agriculture Greene County, New York - Cyberpunk Apocalypse, Pittsburgh - Canasta, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Un Vagon Hermoso, Buratovich, Argentina - France Fiction, Paris, France


The campground was an incarnation of an ongoing project led by Kcho, in which Cuban artists have been traveling the island offering workshops and performances following a series of devastating hurricanes in 2008. They traveled to some of the most affected communities to support not only the reconstruction of material damage, but also provide a base for cultural renewal. By engaging both material and cultural needs their efforts help reevaluate the role and importance of art as social practice.

Like the bigger tents, the smaller tents represent collaborative art groups whose practices expand art’s social function to integrate culture into life, collide the people with the art. Then the places for art are also a farm, a bakery, a library, a movie theater, a think-tank, a bedroom, a neighborhood.

With an invitation from Kcho (Alexis Leyva) and the Cuban minister of culture, we were housed and fed by la Brigada de Marta Machado. Many thanks to Peter Nadin, Kcho, Kchita and Olga and the brigade for their generous support and hospitality.